Our Privacy Policy

Does Brooklyn School of Real Estate collect personal information about me?

If you are just browsing our website, we do not collect any personal information about you.
We may ask you for and collect personal information, such as your name, email address, postal address and phone number when you:

  • sign up for courses on our web site or by phone
  • open an account with us
  • subscribe to an email newsletter
  • participate in a survey, contest, or other event

We may also request additional information if mandated by New York Department of State.

If you register with us, we may also keep records of the courses you have taken so that we can serve you better by tailoring information for you.

What does Brooklyn School of Real Estate do with my personal information?

We use personal information related to an order to process the order. We may contact you by email, phone, or postal address to confirm the order or if we have questions.

We may also use your personal information and information about your courses interests to send you emails about courses and promotions or to ask you questions about your preferences. If you do not want us to send you these emails, contact us.

Does Brooklyn School of Real Estate share my information?

We never tell anyone your email address or phone number. We may share your postal mailing information and your courses interests with other carefully selected partners whose products may interest you. If you do not want us to share information about you, contact us.

Does Brooklyn School of Real Estate store information on my computer? ("cookies")

To recognize you as a returning customer and to show you information the way you want it, our computers put a small piece of information on your computer. This is called a "cookie."

A cookie does not give us any of your personal information, such as your name or email address.

A cookie tells us about your computer and lets our computers remember what you are currently doing or did in the past at our web site. Cookies also help us understand how people use our web site. They help us know which sections of the site are most popular and how people look for information on our site. We use this information to improve our web site and to serve your better.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.