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What Real Estate Career Paths are Available to Me?

Are you a recent college grad looking to start your real estate career? You probably have some questions regarding what career paths are available to you. You’ve probably heard a few professions like real estate broker, salesperson, home inspector, mortgage loan originator (MLO), and others. But what differentiates one from the other?

The role of a real estate salesperson and broker is very similar: they both work to help clients buy or sell homes. However, the operation of a real estate business is where their roles differ. The broker usually owns a real estate brokerage, while a salesperson tends to be an independent contractor.

Another alternative real estate career option, the home inspector, needs to learn about construction methods, inspection standards, building codes and regulations and electric, heating, air conditioning, plumbing inspection techniques and how to start a business.

The role of a mortgage loan originator (MLO) helps to arrange funding and negotiates contracts with actual lenders. However, the MLO does not actually fund the loans directly. Mortgage loan originators also gather important information about clients to ensure informed decision-making regarding loan quality and repayment probability.

At Brooklyn School of Real Estate it is easy to complete your educational requirements; regardless of which career path you choose! Each year we successfully prepare students for the state licensing exam and provide continuing education for licensed Real Estate and Insurance professionals in NY. We offer programs to prepare individuals for various careers in real estate in both a traditional classroom setting with classes every week and an online courses which let you set the pace for yourself.

Ready to take the first step in your Real Estate career? Check out our website for more info on how to register for our courses:

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